When I met you in the summer in the hot room

When I met you in the summer (in the hot room)

When I met you in the summer (in the hot room)
To my heartbeat sound
We fell in love
And turned upside down…

I don’t know about you guys, but the Canada Day long weekend has always felt more like the beginning of summer to me than the solstice. It’s the first time you get an extra day off work in the sunshine to be outdoors or at cottages with family and friends, unless you’re really lucky and get a hot May 24 weekend as well.

Not only do I enjoy that extra day off, I also tend to enjoy an extra chip (or a whole bag), an extra cold beer, cocktail, or glass of wine (or all of the above), extra scoop of ice cream, extra hour laying in the sun, extra time to sleep in…I could go on, but you get it.

Actually, this year my new hubby and I were on our honeymoon over the Canada Day weekend. This meant a not just an extra cottage day, but instead an entire week of eating and drinking our way around Europe. After all that over indulging, I knew I really needed to get back in the hot room. But I was also dreading it, knowing that sweating it out and working hard in class would be a struggle.

For extra motivation, I asked my brother to come with me. His response? And I quote, “I’m not going to hot yoga in the hot weather, I only like that room when it’s cold outside.” I still went by myself but let me tell you, it took some serious self-motivation. The hardest part is always getting there, right?

Being a hot yoga teacher, I know that my brother isn’t alone in his response. In fact, it’s a common one. Hot yoga rooms just aren’t as full in the summer. And it makes me sad. Doing hot yoga in the hot weather is actually the best thing you can do for your practice and yourself (and by extension for everyone else in your life). Unlike in the cold weather, your muscles, joints, and ligaments are already warm and ready to go deeper into the postures than you can in the winter. I highly recommend taking advantage of this time!

You also improve your flexibility and mobility for other summer activities and help to prevent potential injuries from the other sports you’re not used to playing – beach volleyball, anyone?

Not only are you already warmed up and ready for class, practicing in the summer will help to better acclimate you to the heat outside the room. You won’t be that friend complaining that it’s too hot outside. No one likes complainers.

And all those ‘extras’ I was talking about before, you’ll sweat them all out and rid your body of the toxins you may be putting in (trust me, I’m not judging). Detox in the best way possible, with your friends, family, and awesome teachers at BYB. An added bonus is that you will burn calories and tone your bod, helping you feel comfortable and confident during this bikini season.

But please, please stay hydrated to avoid dizziness and nausea. Most of all, promise to make a point of continuing your practice this summer. I can’t wait for you to reap all the benefits.

Who knows, we may even bust out some Calvin Harris (and a lot of T Swift).


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