Please help us to provide you with a safe and peaceful environment, and the best possible Bikram Yoga experience by following a few simple guidelines.

Before Class:

  • New students, please arrive 20 minutes early
  • Come a few minutes early, class begins ON TIME.
  • Please remove your shoes and leave them at the door
  • Print your name legibly when signing in
  • Leave all your belongings and personal items in the change rooms or lockers
  • The studio is fragrance free, if you’re wearing something please wash it off.
  • Notify the instructor of any injuries or medical conditions
  • NO TALKING in the yoga room. (it is a beautiful silent space)

During Class:

  • Bring only your yoga mat, towel, and bottle of water into the yoga room with you
  • Once you enter the yoga room, please observe silence and refrain from talking at all times.
  • Move to the head of the class. Please find a space close to the mirror, filling up the classroom from front to back (beginners may stay in the back). As the room fills up during our most popular class times, please work together to create enough space for everyone and a good flow of energy through the room.
  • Stay in the room. If an emergency situation requires you to step out, please notify the instructor first, and re-enter the class between postures.
  • Practice Stillness
    Stillness is a key part of our practice. When you are not actively doing a pose, try to remain calm and still and focus on yourself in the front mirror. Any extra movement is distracting to you and to others, and only serves to make you hotter. Trust us, it is hot enough already.
  • Leave the sweat
    Please avoid wiping sweat, its there to cool you down!! Sweat in your face… make it part of your meditation
  • Move Together
    We do the yoga together for a reason, move with the class.
  • Set a great example
    Students practicing in the front row are exemplars for the class and are expected to follow instructions diligently
  • Listen to the teacher AND your body
    Try and follow the directions exactly, as they are given, to the best of your ability. But remember no one knows your body better than you do.
  • Stick with the program. Each of these postures could have hundreds of variations. In this class, though, we stick to only the basic 26, no less and no more. If there are postures or variations that you want to practice, please wait until after the class is finished to practice them. But during the 90 minute session, stick with the 26 Bikram teaches us. He put them in that order for good reasons

After Class

  • Still no talking
  • Enjoy Savasana
    This is the final relaxation. Please do not leave the room until the teacher does. The last few moments of relaxation in savasana at the end of class may be the most important.
  • Place rental towels and mats in bins outside the studio.
  • Refuel
    Replenish your thirst and electrolytes, and nourish your body with healthy food
  • Let us know how your class was! Feel free to ask any questions at the front desk

It seems like a lot… but most of it is common sense- respect yourself, respect others.