Events at Bikram Yoga Barrie

A note about fear, our new schedule and living on purpose.

Thank you for being part of our community at BYB. I truly feel as though it is a community and not just a space people come and go. I see the connections formed between people, the layers of armor people carry come off, a sense of home and ownership.
I love that.
It is absolutely what I set out to create.
This space has never been about me. It has always been about serving others, sharing this practice to help people feel better physically and mentally (which brings me so much joy.. so it’s a little about me). With 4 years under our belt we decided it was time to expand our offerings in the hopes of serving more people, providing a more well rounded yoga education and inviting more people into this great community we’ve created together.

I have agonized over changing things because:
1) change is hard and scary (even if it is for the best)
2) I didn’t want to upset anyone (I care deeply about everyone that practices here)

Upon evaluating these “reasons” for not moving forward, I realized that they are rooted in fear and not in possibility. They focus on what I don’t want, not what I truly desire (to reach more people with this powerful yoga and community).
I don’t want to live my life from a place of fear and scarcity. I don’t want to give all my power away and allow other people to dictate my choices. I want to live what I teach – and that is to be on fire about what I want; to have faith in what I love; to follow and believe what is true in my heart.

I realize that I may have taken away a class that you regularly attended. For that I am truly sorry. I don’t want to take your yoga away. Some people have come to talk to me about it – and I love that. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions with me -you are the reason we are here.

I’m not perfect. I absolutely make mistakes. This might be one, but I had to try it. As a studio our goals include increasing our reach to help improve more people’s lives and we’ve seen changing the schedule to be a step in that direction. I wish we could offer all the yogas at all the times of day – (a secret dream of mine is to build up another storey and add another yoga room) but it is not something we can do right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through this transition and please talk to me in person or email ( if you have any concerns, comments, opinions, feedback, or just want to say hi!

Spring is here. It is a season of growth, light, hope and new beginnings. Shed the old thought patterns and habits that have been holding you back and get ready to step into the new, stop living from fear, focusing on what you don’t want and start BEING who you want to be… then you will start having and doing all the things you dream of.
Fear is a liar.
With all the love, and gratitude, Meghan.

Workshop Series: Doorways to a Deeper Practice

Over the next 4 months we are excited to offer one workshop a month each with a different focus to help you deepen your asana practice.

INVERSIONS March 19th with Christine Lee
In this playful, experiential and instruction-based workshop you will learn the fundamentals of going upside down in a series of postures—headstand, handstand, forearm balance, and shoulderstand. Inversions require you to receive explicit, step-by-step instructions and individual feedback from an instructor in order to safely master the intricacies of these postures. This workshop is for practitioners with at least 6 months (or 20 classes) of yoga experience and will challenge you to become more present and refined in your skill and movement. You will learn tricks for kicking up to the wall, balancing without the wall, opening your shoulders, and increasing confidence. No inversion experience necessary!

UNLOCKING THE HIPS April 23rd with Christine Lee
This therapeutically designed workshop will teach you skillful action for improving circulation, releasing stress and improving overall health by focusing on postures that stretch and open the legs, hips, and lower back. Energetically, our hips are the seat of both creativity and openness. When our hips are open and balanced, we feel grounded, stable, calm, powerful, and creative. In this hip opening workshop, you will learn important alignment principles and their actions and how to apply them in a wide variety of postures. We will be working towards the famed “lotus posture” but modifications and alternate postures will be given, and advanced variations explored for students who can already safety perform lotus. No experience necessary to attend this workshop.

BACK BENDING May 28th with Zeb Homison
All back bending heals the spine. Back bends open the heart, stimulate circulation in the whole spinal column and reverse the aging process. Meghan will lead you through a warm up, review proper back bending alignment and technique then explore back bending drills, and postures to help you deepen your practice and feel more comfortable in these beautiful heart opening postures.
All Levels Welcome.

ARM BALANCING June 25th with Christine Lee
Arm balances (or the more aptly named “hand balances”) are often seen of the some of the most challenging, yet some of the most playful asanas in a yoga class. Often when learning, students rely on force over proper warm ups, intelligent architecture, and principles of action and alignment. In this step-by-step workshop (appropriate for all yoga students) you will learn how to properly warm up your arms, shoulders, hips and legs so you can approach arm balances with skill, ease, and mindfulness.

All workshops are on Saturdays from 2pm-4pm SIGN UP HERE

$40 per Workshop

$135 for the entire series

Complimentary Yoga ALL Weekend!

We’re giving you 11 classes and 2 days to decide that you love us, and you’ve never felt better!
Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, these classes are for you!

Finding the right spot that serves your body, mind and soul is sometimes hard, there’s ALOT out there! We want to make it easy. Come try our classes, meet our staff, feel the community vibe all on US!

Saturday January 23rd

8:00am-9:00am Bikram HOT Yoga

9:30am-10:30am YIN

11:00am – 12:30pm Vinyasa

1:00pm – 2:00pm Strength & Conditioning

2:30pm-3:30pm Intermediate Class (experienced yogis only)

4:30pm – 6:00pm Mash up (a fusion of our most popular classes)


Sunday January 24th

8:00am – 9:30am Vinyasa

10:00am -11:30am Bikram Hot Yoga

4:30pm – 6:00pm Bikram Hot Yoga

6:30pm – 8pm YIN

Full class descriptions from our schedule page.

Questions? Contact us – or talk to a human 705-725-8331

Come see what the hype’s about! We promise you’ll leave sweatier, happier and healthier than you came!

Free Workshop Fridays… Or what I like to call FRESH FRIDAYS

Every Friday in January, we’re offering free workshops on things that will make your life better.


We’ll introduce you to some super simple goal setting techniques that really work, then give you time to actually start putting pen to paper, turning dreams into plans. After that good start and brainstorming session you’ll be ready to start a vision board. This sounds hokey, yes. And it’s AWESOME. We’ve got all the supplies for vision boards and snacks for the night! BYOB if you wish to enjoy a glass of wine while you plan your dream life. Also I think BYOS – Bring Your Own Scissors if you’re impatient and not good at sharing… we only have a few pairs. If you already have some images you know you’d like to have on your vision board definitely bring them! We will be able to use the printer at the studio if there’s anything you need to print off. It’s going to be fun! Think planning your dream life (because we all deserve that) with your yoga posse and being surrounded by good vibes. Expect to be inspired. Come!


Learn how to  fuel your body and mind so they work at their best. Tara Portelli, Registered Holistic Nutritionist will be in the house talking all things nutrition and hydration. Many physical and emotional discomforts can be healed by changing what we put in our bodies. Whether you’d like to lose weight, have more energy or think more clearly there’s a nutritional solution and Tara will share. Bring your questions!


Curious about meditation and how it could improve your life? Join us as we debunk some meditation myths and get to the heart of what a meditation practice is, how to cultivate one, and what it can bring to your life. We will finish with an amazing guided meditation. You will leave with the knowledge and skill to start your own meditation practice. 

Get Stronger, Faster.


This Winter we are partnering with Crossfit Barrie to offer small group Strength & Conditioning Classes!

If you want to increase your strength quickly, learn new things, move your body in new ways & enjoy the company of your BYB peeps in a different and more social venue this is for you!

Here are the details:
Starts January 27th (woo!)
This program will run for 6 weeks
We meet Wednesday Evenings 8pm – 9pm at Crossfit Barrie (Welham Rd)
Cost: $100
Classes will be run by Coach Alex Robinson who has over 20 years of coaching experience and is a complete bad ass and a totally nice guy.

In this program you will:
Increase Muscle mass
Increase Strength
Learn how to safely perform Strength Training Exercises
Meet awesome people
Have Fun

Ready to sign up? We thought so.
15 people max, so claim your spot today.
Do it here!

We know yoga is the shit and nothing beats it for creating vibrant health, physical and mental well being…. but it’s ok to swing both ways.

Step outside your comfort zone and join us!


Want to practice more yoga? Need some help committing?!
Join our Fall yoga challenge and challenge yourself to practicing 4 times a week or everyday… it’s your choice for this challenge.
Set a goal for yourself and we and the community will help you achieve it!!!

Starts: Monday, November 19th

We made this challenge BINGO! Themed… who doesn’t like Bingo!?!?
You will be given a bingo card filled with different challenges to work toward throughout the month, whilst working toward whatever goal you set for yourself. As you complete a square on your card, the front desk staff will stamp it.

How to win: Filling your card in different ways qualifies you to win small prizes throughout and BIG prizes at the end of the challenge.

The Awesome Prizes:


And the ultimate prize of feeling amazing, accomplishing a challenge and being around great people!


With over $400 in prizes to be won throughout the month, what are you waiting for !? Sign up here , or in studio and join the fun, our community and the race to a card that will redefine your practice!!

Meet Mandy

Visiting teachers teach us new things about ourselves. It’s always such a treat to have a fresh face and voice leading us through the 26 & 2.
For the month of April, please welcome Mandy Daniels to our space! Mandy was one of my first yoga teachers, and I definitely encourage you to take her class! She’s on the schedule as “Visiting Teacher”

Here’s a bit about this amazing lady:

Mandy Daniels completed her Bikram yoga teacher training in the fall of 2005 in Los Angeles. As a dedicated teacher, she’s connected with thousands of practitioners in Kingston and Waterloo, including guest visits to Hamilton, Toronto and Barrie, Ontario, as well as two years as a lululemon Ambassador. Her teaching philosophy is to create an environment that feels secure and free – a safe space for practitioners to enjoy the experience and to see themselves in the greatest light possible. She loves studying human potential and the connection between body mind and energy, and bringing a passionate, yet calm, spirit to each class.

Prior to teaching yoga, Mandy received Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees at Queen’s University in Kingston. Always interested to immerse herself in a culture and learn about various ways of life, she’s lived in, and traveled through, various parts of the world including 8 months in New Zealand working at a nightclub, a farm and cycling around the south island, as well as experiencing powerful travels through Cambodia, Thailand, Bali and Nepal, where among other things, she studied meditation at Kopan Monastery. Mandy also taught English for a year in Japan in a remote village, worked as a Forest Fire Fighter in Northern Ontario, as a Fitness and Lifestyle leader for executive programs, and led biking, hiking and multi-sport trips with Backroads in the Canadian Rockies and Belize. She pursued her photography interest and exhibited fine art at The Artist Project in Toronto, a juried art show, and built a contemporary portrait portfolio, very much inspired by the work of Sue Bryce and Lara Jade, whom she studied with in a globally broadcast workshop in the CreativeLive studios in Seattle. Most recently, Mandy’s returning to her focus in music – she had an early dream to be a professional bass player and studied it intensively during her high school years, but left it to travel, play soccer, do yoga and live other worlds. In 2011, she revived the dream, started to DJ and is now focused on music production and following the inspiration of techno; all the while keeping up with her passion for yoga and all things body mind spirit. She hopes to see you in class or on the dance floor!


Sweating with my omies

The infamous 30 Day Challenge is back this Spring!! But we’ve switched it up a bit.
You may wonder… what could possibly be better than doing 30 classes in 30 days?? Doing it with a buddy of course!!
Our next 30 day challenge starts April 12th and for the first time it’s a Buddy Challenge! So sign up with a partner, create a team name, and do the challenge together! You can split up the challenge between you, the split doesn’t have to be equal either, one partner can pull more weight than another (each do 15 classes, 20 and 10, 29 and 1… you get it) as long as your team completes 30 classes in 30 days. Feeling hardcore? Need some serious change, then for sure each commit to 30 in 30. It’s up to you!

Reasons to do the challenge:
– Motivation to practice more (your teammate is counting on YOU!)
– A sweet limited edition tank top
– 15% off at the boutique (during the challenge)
– Large amounts of fun with your friend(s)

We finish off the 30 days with a Social gathering, complete with rewards for kicking a$# at the challenge.
So bring your (team) spirit and the heat.


The cost is $60 per team (plus your unlimited yoga pass)
Don’t have an unlimited pass?? Get one month unlimited for $99 (save $51 bucks!!)


So sign up now & have fun sweating with your omies!

A Farewell From Siobhan

A Farewell from Siobhan
To the students of Bikram Yoga Barrie & my fellow practitioners,

BYB is the most special of places, a space I will always be proud to call my yoga “home”. In the winter of 2012, just as Magical Meghan was opening her doors, I was in spiritual and emotional distress. On one unsuspecting night, I entered the doors of BYB and never looked back. It wasn’t easy, and in the beginning I loathed everything about that damn torture chamber. Constant encouragement, commitment to practice and a total surrender of myself – I wasn’t breaking down anymore, I started to break through. I completed a 30?day challenge and began to see myself clearly. I trained and competed in a yoga competition. I met the most amazing, brilliant and shiny people. I felt like I was a part of something. Anxiety was gone, I was sleeping through the night and for the first time in years I felt connected to myself. I decided that I needed to share this amazing gift of 26+2 with others.

In the spring of 2013 I left my job, my place and my people. I went to LA and trained in a big ass sweat box with some other 400 aspiring yogis. More break throughs, more surrendering and more clarity. It was the toughest and hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and often times I’m asked, “Would you do it again?”, my reply, “Absolutely f$&king not!”. It was the most rewarding and fulfilling time of my life. One night after a extra long and killer class, I lay on my mat and felt complete joy. The true kind, the type of joy that isn’t immediately followed with guilt. I got shiny. My heart got bigger. I felt prepared and equipped to share this beautiful practice with others.

Teaching this practice is only a small fraction of the joy at BYB. The real joy is being among the students and teachers that bring to life the space. Being here and guiding you through the practice, seeing the transformations and work you do has been a true privilege and honour. It is with a bit of a heavy heart that I tell you that I am leaving BYB. The decision was not an easy one, but as many of you know I lead a double working life! I have been offered an amazing job with a great company in Toronto, which I will be starting in mid?April. This practice, the work I do in that damn room and the love and support of the people in my life have lead to my greatest potential. Of course, I will miss you all terribly and will be back often to practice and occasionally rock it out on that podium!

Lastly, I want you all to know how much appreciate each and every one of you. My life is extra special because of you. Teachers rarely disclose how difficult things in their own lives can be, please know that I feel more love and energy while teaching than you can imagine. Often times your sweaty little faces have carried me through some really difficult times – thank you! I mentioned Magical Meghan at the beginning, just get close and you’ll feel it! I never imagined the power of a single person so set on love and passion for what she does. I am grateful to her, she saved me and does the same for so many of you. Meghan, I don’t say this lightly, you are a Guru with the truest and greatest of hearts.

I hope you’ll all join me for my final class on Wednesday, April 8th at 530p.

Love, Siobhan


Want to advance your practice?
Ever wonder what is beyond the 26 & 2 we practice in class?
We practice those postures every week because of their amazing therapeutic value, BUT there are tons more yoga postures out there and if you are curious about expanding your practice, trying out some more “advanced” postures and going on stage to demonstrate them at our annual “yoga competition” then… join us in the yoga sports club!

We will meet Saturdays at 10am starting March 21st.
Our yoga demonstration will be late April or early May

YSC is for EVERYBODY! No need to be super flexible or “advanced” only thing required is a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard!
Please sign yourself in on Mind Body so we have an idea of numbers.
The club is free for any members of the studio.


Any questions can be directed to
Here are some links to the required and optional advanced postures, ENJOY!