A note about fear, our new schedule and living on purpose.

Thank you for being part of our community at BYB. I truly feel as though it is a community and not just a space people come and go. I see the connections formed between people, the layers of armor people carry come off, a sense of home and ownership.
I love that.
It is absolutely what I set out to create.
This space has never been about me. It has always been about serving others, sharing this practice to help people feel better physically and mentally (which brings me so much joy.. so it’s a little about me). With 4 years under our belt we decided it was time to expand our offerings in the hopes of serving more people, providing a more well rounded yoga education and inviting more people into this great community we’ve created together.

I have agonized over changing things because:
1) change is hard and scary (even if it is for the best)
2) I didn’t want to upset anyone (I care deeply about everyone that practices here)

Upon evaluating these “reasons” for not moving forward, I realized that they are rooted in fear and not in possibility. They focus on what I don’t want, not what I truly desire (to reach more people with this powerful yoga and community).
I don’t want to live my life from a place of fear and scarcity. I don’t want to give all my power away and allow other people to dictate my choices. I want to live what I teach – and that is to be on fire about what I want; to have faith in what I love; to follow and believe what is true in my heart.

I realize that I may have taken away a class that you regularly attended. For that I am truly sorry. I don’t want to take your yoga away. Some people have come to talk to me about it – and I love that. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions with me -you are the reason we are here.

I’m not perfect. I absolutely make mistakes. This might be one, but I had to try it. As a studio our goals include increasing our reach to help improve more people’s lives and we’ve seen changing the schedule to be a step in that direction. I wish we could offer all the yogas at all the times of day – (a secret dream of mine is to build up another storey and add another yoga room) but it is not something we can do right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through this transition and please talk to me in person or email (meghan@bikramyogabarrie.com) if you have any concerns, comments, opinions, feedback, or just want to say hi!

Spring is here. It is a season of growth, light, hope and new beginnings. Shed the old thought patterns and habits that have been holding you back and get ready to step into the new, stop living from fear, focusing on what you don’t want and start BEING who you want to be… then you will start having and doing all the things you dream of.
Fear is a liar.
With all the love, and gratitude, Meghan.

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