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    Hot Yoga, Flow & Yin (deep stretching)
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  • There are no pre-requisites. No dogma. Just real people. Real Yoga. You can be You.

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  • 60, 75, & 90 minute classes

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Simple, effective, traditional. Less about touching the toes and more about being pain free, energetic and healthy; balanced, self confident & happy; truly connected to ourselves and our everyday experiences.

We use the traditional approach of yoga to help us live our best in this modern world. Our aim is to provide a simple yet holistic practice that will positively benefit all aspects of your life. There is nothing mystical, unattainable or complex about what we do. It is accessible, friendly, for everybody and every body.

We are a community obsessed with human potential, serving others, feeling great and enjoying life, providing powerful yoga classes to all those who walk through our doors. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Our Classes

Our studio offers classes in Bikram Method Hot Yoga, Vinyasa (Align & Flow or Power Flow) & Yin. Each yoga class has a specific physical and philosophical aim, giving our community the opportunity to experience different and effective forms of yoga all in one spot.

Our range of yoga classes allows you to choose what’s right for you depending on how your body is feeling that day.

We encourage and empower students to practice a mix of the core styles, depending on what their bodies need. All the classes offer different benefits; you choose what option is the best to help you regain balance.

Bikram Yoga

A 26 posture sequence designed to work every muscle and joint in the body; perfect for beginners, each posture stretches and strengthens the muscles needed for the next posture. This class will also stimulate the organs, glands, nerves and vessels of the body to help circulate fresh oxygenated blood around the body, helping restore all systems to healthy working order. Always the same postures in the same order.

Excellent for healing joint pain, easing digestive issues, strengthening & toning, easing depression, anxiety, stress and sleeping better at night.

Expect a powerful, exciting, effective and challenging yoga class. Classes are done in a heated room; 40C and 40% humidity, come hydrated and ready to sweat!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means “breath synchronized movement” which is a really broad term!… so we’ve broken that down a little more…

Move with your breath as we flow through sun salutations and foundational yoga poses with major focus on breath and alignment, and some long holds for strength.
Increase body & breath awareness, flexibility, overall muscle tone & strength and build a strong foundation to your yoga practice. Although we’re not flowing fast, be prepared to sweat, breathe and work.
The room is a warm 32C to facilitate the opening and unwinding of the body. You will feel pleasantly warm, but not uncomfortably hot.

Great place to start for beginners and brand new students.

This class is dynamic and moves more quickly, we flow through sun salutations, dynamic strength building sequences and introduce some more challenging postures.
Sequences will vary depending on the teacher, but expect a well balanced, full body workout, and a killer playlist that will leave you invigorated and connected.
Class is a warm 32C, challenging and fast paced.

New? Align & Flow is a better place to start.

Yin Yoga

Find balance and restore. This slower paced practice helps still the body and mind offering an opportunity for meditation as well as physical relaxation. Working towards depth from a place of awareness and surrender, this modality targets the body’s energetic system, fascia and connective tissues.

This gentle approach to opening the body provides an amazing balance to offset the vigorous vinyasa or strong hot styles. Great for athletes with tight hips and shoulders. You will leave feeling open, balanced and extremely relaxed.

The vibe is chill, the lights are low and the room is just normal temperature.

$39 introductory offer for 30 days of unlimited yoga

New to the studio? This is the only way to get started! Like anything else in life consistency is key – It will take a few sessions for your body to adjust to the heat and begin to change, aim to come at least 10 times during your intro to experience the benefits you can gain from a regular yoga practice.


Bikram yoga Barrie is by far the best Bikram I have ever visited. I think that when it comes down to it the community that Meghan and her team fosters is exceptional and the primary reason that it is constantly growing! They create a family that sweats together and struggles together and ultimately succeeds together! The studio is immaculate and offers additional resources and services that are what make BYB unlike any other.

Steven Kavaratzis
Steven Kavaratzis

Bikram yoga Barrie is the best yoga studio in Barrie. The beautifully designed space is a place I want to spend time! The teachers are warm, welcoming and incredibly knowledgable. I had a knee injury going in which is now healed and I couldn’t be more grateful to the people at BYB for helping me gently heal and gain health like I never thought possible.

Hollis Connor
Hollis ConnorLocal Gastro Pub Owner

I’ve many ways to measure my practice today, I can touch my head to my knee, my dress size is the smallest in 20 years, bending backwards has a whole new meaning, my skin has the “Bikram glow”, I sweat the small stuff in the studio and not outside it, my prescription for thyroid meds is lower, and I can wear heels again as the osteoarthritis in my foot is completely manageable.

Faith Howe
Faith Howe