• Give me 30 days, I’ll change your body. Give me 60 days, I’ll change your life


Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is special: It is traditional yoga, not watered down. It has not been changed to fit our western bodies but rather, it is used to change and heal our bodies from the inside out. It is 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises scientifically designed and sequenced to give you a total body workout. Think beyond muscles, and joints – improved strength and flexibility is a given – but this system affects all the organs and glands in your body. All systems in the body are improved; cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, immune, lymphatic, endocrine systems all becoming stronger. What could this mean for you? Better sleep at night, regulated blood pressure, decreased anxiety, weight loss, regulated metabolism, improved digestion, more energy, decreased chronic pain, stress relief and more. Basically a body that looks and feels amazing, and a mind that is clear and sharp. Everyone should feel this good.


Some will call us “hardcore” or “militant” We call it discipline and determination. We’re not interested in mediocrity.

Your health is the ultimate investment. We want to shine a bright light in this space, this city, this world, and teaching this practice does that. It gives people hope, it puts them in touch with what they are capable of; it transforms.

We strive to be courageous, and believe fear stops too many of us from achieving incredible things. We’re about standing in a place of power, being transparent, and taking the time to connect with ourselves and others.

Here the energy and vibe is of acceptance. You’re invited to just “be yourself”. We will never judge you, but we will always challenge you to be your best. In a world of short cuts and sugar coating we are the opposite;  love, joy, passion and honesty are what you really need.

Our facility is world class and the service is second to none. We believe yoga will change the world; why else would we be doing this.

  • Hard work & discipline

    You only reap what you sow, the more you put into anything the bigger the rewards!

  • Take it slow

    Only do what you can but do it consistantly, it all adds up over time. Compound that effort baby!

  • Bring a support group

    We all need help sometimes, use your new friends to keep you going.

  • Love is all you need

    We’re here to help you succeed, take a chance on new friends.

  • Come Sweat With Us

    Something here, not sure what yet


Steven Kavaratzis

Bikram yoga Barrie is by far the best Bikram I have ever visited. I think that when it comes down to it the community that Meghan and her team fosters is exceptional and the primary reason that it is constantly growing! They create a family that sweats together and struggles together and ultimately succeeds together! The studio is immaculate and offers additional resources and services that are what make BYB unlike any other.

Steven Kavaratzis
Hollis Connor

Bikram yoga Barrie is the best yoga studio in Barrie. The beautifully designed space is a place I want to spend time! The teachers are warm, welcoming and incredibly knowledgable. I had a knee injury going in which is now healed and I couldn’t be more grateful to the people at BYB for helping me gently heal and gain health like I never though possible.

Hollis ConnorLocal Gastro Pub Owner
Faith Howe

I’ve many ways to measure my practice today, I can touch my head to my knee, my dress size is the smallest in 20 years, bending backwards has a whole new meaning, my skin has the “Bikram glow”, I sweat the small stuff in the studio and not outside it, my prescription for thyroid meds is lower, and I can wear heels again as the osteoarthritis in my foot is completely manageable.

Faith Howe

$40 introductory offer for 30 days unlimited yoga

New to the studio? This is the only way to get started! Like anything else in life consistency is key – It will take a few sessions for your body to adjust to the heat and begin to change, aim to come at least 10 times during your intro month to experience the benefits you can gain from a regular yoga practice.

  • The Ten Pack
  • $160
  • Billed once
  • Ten classes, use when you want.
  • Excellent way to compliment other training
  • * expires one year after first use.
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  • The Monthly
  • $99
  • Billed monthly
  • Unlimited classes
  • 4 Guest passes per year to bring a friend with you, we all love our friends
  • 10% off kitsch (yoga mats, clothing, water bottles, books, towels)
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  • The Yearly
  • $1119
  • Billed annually
  • Unlimited classes
  • 12 Guest passes per year to bring a friend with you, we all love our friends
  • 10% off kitsch (yoga mats, clothing, water bottles, books, towels)
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